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  1. Spiritual life quotes 1:
    • When I began to pursue God I didn’t give Him conditions to serve Him.
    • The body doesn’t understand the language of God.
    • The greatest gift God gave you aside from His son and the Holy Spirit is the gift of time.
    • Your place in life is not determined by you but by God.
    • Faith can be an instrument of getting answers not a shield.
    • In God’s economy, nothing is wasteful.
    • Jesus had to be man to be qualified to be the head of the church.
    • God will never trust you with people if you have not been touched by the feelings of their infirmities.
    • God will not bring 1000 members to you just because you believe you are called.
    • If your blessing does not affect those around you then you are not blessed.
    • Men are like a candle that can shine bright now and off the next moment.
    • You don’t sit down and be dreaming breakthrough, you prepare for them because they will come.
    • Believers are cheated because we don’t understand the system of the kingdom.
    • When men stop sleeping, it may not be demonic, it may be God working.
    • The moment God sends a word, his anointing is there.

  1. spiritual life quotes 2:
    • Enlightenment prepares your mind to cooperate with the anointing but its empowerment is the factor for result.
    • Lifting in the kingdom is a mystery and a system, it can be studied.
    • Don’t be too quick to assume you know God.
    • Miracles don’t make you know God.
    • The knowledge of God is a reality that only the Holy Spirit can help you know God.
    • The message behind a chapter is the word not the story.
    • Satan uses the content of your environmental conditioning as a platform to limit you from knowing God
    • If you don’t know God, you will never stand well because all kind of things will derail you.
    • You don’t cry for anointing to come, you ask for the word and the anointing comes with it. Get messages by Apostle Joshua Selman: https://sbicconnect.fun.
    • It’s the word that comes to you that controls that anointing that follows
    • The word of God does not work automatically, there must be a reaction.
    • God will not allow your trust in Him to be aborted, it’s too precious.
    • When God is silent, it’s not ignorance it’s training.
    • A believer is not someone who has submitted his heart to the Lord but someone who has submitted to the authority of God’s word as the final say regardless of his experiences.
    • If you don’t come to a point where you exalt the word of God above your life, you will back slide and run away from God.
    • Kingdom advance doesn’t just happen through evangelism alone but also through influence.
    • The moment you cut your ears from God, you start dieing.

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