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Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak (AJS): encounter with Jesus

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  1. Discovering his purpose:

Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak always knew there was something unusual about him. Long before Joshua selman even encountered Jesus Christ. For one he knew that the hand of the Lord was upon him. Any time he watched ministers preach teach and move in the anointing Joshua selman always felt this knowing that there was a connection he had with that. He had this witness within him that someday he would be a minister. One of the days in the Sunday school session. While Joshua selman was still very young he gave his life to Jesus Christ.

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But while in secondly school he began to see the supernatural at work in his life. This all started when a teacher mentored him on and his friends on how to know God. This mentor-ship open him to a lot of things. Sometime later the school had a program where they invited a man of God. During the service the man of god prayed for those who wanted to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. He came out and from that moment his life changed. He and his friends did extraordinary things, he also became very intelligent, he stated seeing many manifestations of angels, etc. There was one time he prayed for one of his class mates who was a stammerer and he was healed instantly.

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  1. love for God went cold:

Sadly there was a time the authorities preached against all that was happening and told them they were in heresy. Being young they believed and that was how they backslided. And for some years, Apostle Joshua Selman was not prayerful and seeking God. But all that ended on the 2nd of Dec 2002. Someone came into his room and tapped him. While he was sleeping and instantly he knew it was Jesus. He felt so filthy and unworthy he started weeping and crying and sobbing. Rededicated his life to Jesus Christ. That was his first encounter with Jesus.

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By the time Joshua selman got into the university he’s hunger for God became unquenchable. He usually spent hours at Ahmadu Bello University Dam, praying seeking God and reading the scriptures. One night he had a dramatic encounter. In a vision he was standing on the top of Suleiman hostel and he looked down and saw an endless sea of people all looking hungry, tired, exhausted wasted and purposeless. Suddenly he felt like he had the key to their problems he asked what was wrong. They told them they were hungry and had no food to eat and then he asked what is wrong who’s responsible for this. They said he’s the one. He felt so much compassion and sorry for them, he said am on my way to come and feed you. And then the vision was taken. That was how he knew he was called into the ministry.

  1. the ultimate Encounter with the lord Jesus:

The most dramatic of all the experiences was when he met Jesus himself. He found it hard to describe what he saw. The beauty, the love, the power, the brilliance on his face, the loveWhen he saw Jesus he was flat on the floor like a dead man. Jesus in his glory and the train of his rob and immediately he knew it was Jesus. Jesus didn’t tell him anything all Jesus did was to stretch forth his hand over Apostle Joshua Selman. A very brilliant and powerful ray of light entered Apostle Joshua Selman. There is no human way that light would come upon a human being in the physical that it would not kill him. But apostle was not killed by the light.

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That encounter brought a powerful and an unusual anointing into his life. Suddenly he had an unusual understanding of the word of God. The faith of the son of God was imparted into him. He didn’t see any impossibility him he felt everything was possible. And He was suddenly open fully into the realm of the spirit and realm of angels. Many times he would just be praying or studying the word and angels would come and visit him. Sometimes they would come and give him messages. That encounter also increased the love for God. Apostle Joshua Selman had such a passion and love for God that noting could replace.

  1. More life changing Encounters for apostle Joshua selman:

Apostle Joshua selman would go to a place of solitude and just sit for hours thinking and meditating on the scripture. Then gradually at times the glory of god would literally come and mantle him and sometimes he would see mists like clouds around him sometimes a cloud in the shape of a man. While these things happen people began to come around to tap into the presence and many times the presence of god would be so strong and they would have to be literally carried to their hostel. And gradually the amount of people began to increase due to the level of power and encounter they had and it became a nightly meeting unprepared for the people refuse to stop coming. And he kept on teaching.

Thanks to his alignment with god many people have been changed and transformed. With thousands be transformed daily by the alignment of Apostle Joshua Selman to the things of God one can only imagine the kind of exploit they would do for God.

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